Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Bedtime blunders

I remember being pregnant with Ellie Kate and having beautiful images of holding a immaculate newborn. I imagined she would be the most perfectly proportioned baby ever to be born and have the sweetest spirit. I just knew we would do nothing all day long except look into each other's eyes and smile.

Well, after nearly two months of little to no sleep and many waking hours spent josseling, bouncing, and swaying my screaming baby - those images were pretty much down the toilet.

She was a very proportionate baby, though.

I also naively imaged her beautifully organized, perfectly placed nursery. I carefully painted her initials onto wooden hangings. I picked out bubble gum pink paint, and found matching crib bumpers, valances, and lamp shades. Boy did that room look nice.

No one ever tells you that YOU are the only one that goes in there!

I also spent many an evening flipping through catalogs trying to pick out the most perfect bed. Ben kept saying, "that one looks nice." And I would tell him that it just didn't 'feel' like the right one.

It's no wonder men don't understand women.

It was no different as I carefully picked out Ellie Kate's toddler bed. I wanted it to be comfortable and a place that she would be so excited to jump into every night. Yeah right.

I even laid out mattresses at the store and carefully stretched out onto each one to see which had the most suitable back support and limited squeakiness.

I just knew she would appreciate all the hard work I put into picking out her sleeping arrangements. I just knew it.

I just knew that she would love to be in her bed at night, and would have a hard time sleeping anywhere else. I just knew it.

I just knew that it would be the place she would dream BIG dreams and wake up refreshed and well-rested. I just KNEW it.

What I didn't know was that on most days I would find her sleeping....

...in the closet.


neal said...

It's about time Sebastian made it to a blog post :) Love you EK!

Kristy said...

At least she's consistant! You know, always in the closet never one night under the bed, another night in the corner, etc. She knows what she likes! Funny monkey (her, not Sebastian)!

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