Wednesday, May 12, 2010

A Mom Moment

Twenty things I have said this week that I never imagined would be uttered from my lips.

1. "The toilet is not for splashing in."

2. "Peyton, stop nuzzling your sister, she clearly doesn't like it."

3. "Sit on your bottom or mommy is going to lose it."

4. "Do not lick your brother."

5. "Girls, you need to share your trash."

6. "Sebastian (Ellie Kate's stuffed monkey), stop being cranky or you are going to have to sit in time-out."

7. "The Lion King needs to take a nap, its really tired."

8. "Yes, honey, you can pray for your pineapple."

9. "For the seventeen banjillionth time, we are going to see Memaw on Thursday."

10. "I am so sorry, ma'am. If it makes you feel any better, she tells me everyday that I have a baby in my tummy."

11. "Well, Peyton, if you stick your finger in his mouth, of course he is going to bite you!"

12. "See that little hula girl over there? Can you go get if so your brother can chew on her?"

13. "If you take one bite of your squash, mommy will do a somersault."

14. "Well, mommy likes to run for fun, not because I am being chased."

15. "Because God gave us toilets to do that in."

16. "Toothbrushes do not go up our nose. Even if it itches"

17. "Mommy's make-up bag is not your personal playground."

18. "We have to take turns falling down the hill."

19. "I get to have daddy sometimes too!"

20. "Try your broccoli, try-a try your broccoli, try your broccoli, its yummy to your tum." Sang to the tune of Alouette.

I hope that provided you a good laugh. Oh, and someone remind me to buy a new toothbrush.

Leave me with your best "mom moment" from this past week!


neal said...


Gwen Toliver said...

Note to self - when 3 year old wakes you up in the night and says "Mommy, I am going to frow up on yo pillow" take that child seriously. :)

(You'd think after 7 kids I'd be slightly more alert during the night...)

Thanks for the laughs!!!

Squirly Girls said...

I hopped in the car and asked, "Does everyone have panties and shoes on?" With my two littlest ones, you have to check for panties or it will lead to an embarrasing moment in public. Yes this is a voice of experience.

Mommypotamus said...

Oh Meredith, how do you have time and energy to be so witty??? Loved this but can't think of a mom moment I haven't already told you about ; - )

Beth said...

Too funny! I'll have to think of a good mommy quote from this week...right now, I'm too tired to think!

Kristy said...

"Your sister is not a dog."

"You MUST have a diaper on to get in the sandbox."

"Where is the poop?!?"

RachelShingleton said...


joannalee said...

ok so the toothbrush one is so my fave. that's something i could totally see my daughter doing, and reasoning that it helped her scratch. too funny!

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