Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Happy Hour

There are so many things I miss about living in Texas.

My friends, a wonderful Bible study, the great shopping, Whole Foods, and my own house - just to name a few.

One of the things that tops the list though, is having a relationship with a local farmer where you can go and buy organic meets, fruits, vegetables, and milk. It took me three years of living in Texas before I had managed to find places to meet all those needs.

And then we moved.

Somebody wrap your arms around me while I throw myself a pity party.

Oh wait, that was my attitude last week - before I took my first step into finding serenity in this world again - you know the kind where I can buy what my grandma would have.

And there was only one person more excited about this first step...

When I told Ellie Kate we were going to go buy raw milk from a farmer, and asked if she wanted to go with me, her reply was simple, "Can I bring a cup, mommy?"

My kids love the goodness of raw milk. Now before you pasteurization-lovers start throwing rocks at your computer screen, remember how upset you will be later tonight about the giant hole in your PC.

And also take the time to do some research on all the vitamins and nutrients (not to mention yumminess) that comes with raw milk. All the vitamins and nutrients that are lost during pasteurization.

That's not to say I don't love you all any less. It just means I will run faster on the playground :-).

After speaking to the farmer's wife for a good 45 minutes about the diet of the cows, the condition of the grass, and the routine of the farmer, I knew I had found the place for my dairy needs.

Too bad it was an hour away. Its too bad there aren't any dairy farms smack dab in the middle of a metropolitan area. Too many skyscrapers, I suppose.

I was willing to make the drive, reluctantly, but still willing.

And then the heavens parted.

His wife informed me that the farmer makes a trip once a week to an all-you-can-eat-buffet and it is less than five miles from my house!!!

I won the lottery.

I called Ben and shared my excitement (and it challenged any 13-year-old-girl Justin Bieber moment) with him to which he responded, "gee, honey. sounds great. Can I call you later."

I love that boy and that is all that matters.

So I started counting down the moments until Monday afternoon at 4:00. At which point EK and I jumped in the car and headed to the local stuff-your-face bar.

This is what we found in the parking lot...

Isn't it beautiful?

That's real dirt people! No fakeness here, straight from the utter to the bucket to the bottle, to my hand. My mouth is salivating.

And we hit the jack pot. He sells eggs from his farm too. I resisted the urge to buy 700, and settled for two dozen.

I love how all the eggs are different colors - you know the way it should be. No bleaching here! (The dozen not pictured had one green egg in it! My kids thought that was awesome.)

Oh man, she was so excited, she made my crack open the bottle and pour her a glass.

EK and I have decided to call it "Happy Hour." And every Monday at 4:00, we will take our cups, relax in the bucket seats of our mini van, and enjoy the goodness of raw milk. Feel free to join us sometime!


Gretchen said...

Loved reading your post! You crack me up. I am in search of a local farm where I can buy eggs (haven't ventured into raw milk yet). Where did you go when you lived in TX? I've heard of a place called Homestead Farms but haven't checked it out yet. Would love your input. Also, does raw milk come in Skim? That's all my daughter and I can handle. :)

Christy said...

Oh how I miss the yumminess of raw milk! Because Coleman had to have IV antibiotics at birth, his gut has taken quite the hit. We are doing probiotics & digestive enzymes trying to get him back to where he should be. Because of that, I haven't been able to do most dairy while nursing. :P
I miss it sooo much! I'm hoping we can get him straightened out so we can start giving him whole milk. Gretchen, you can skim the cream off the top to make it "skim" & use that to make butter, on deserts, to cook with etc. Anything you'd use cream from the store from. BUT, you might be surprised at how yummy "real" milk is. I can't STAND whole milk from the store. I was always a skim milk drinker until I discovered "real" milk. It's the best!

Gretchen said...

Christy, my problem isn't taste...I think whole milk is actually pretty yummy. But my daughter and I have sensitive tummies and get sick on anything more than skim. Thanks for the info though! :)

Mommypotamus said...

That's awesome, Mere! Katie is still not a fan but I'm drinking enough for all three of us ; - )

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