Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The Winner

Wow guys! Thanks for making this giveaway such a great success. There can only be one winner, and while I am sad about that, I am so glad that each of you are so up for trying something all-natural!

No need to be skeptical. This stuff works like a charm, and you will not be disappointed. Plus, you can feel good about making your home and our world and little bit better for our kiddos. So, Thanks!

Ok, now onto the stuff you guys really want to know.

Thanks to random.org and the random number generator, the winning number is #25!

Lucky #25 was Becky who wrote, "Pick me, Pick me, I have a house that needs to be cleaned!"

How cute, Becky, you even rhymed! And amen, sista, we all have a house that needs to be cleaned (although after this product review, mine needs to be cleaned less than yours does :-))

So send me your info when you get a chance, Becky.

Thanks again guys for participating. And donchya worry, this will not be my last giveaway. In fact, I have one being shipped to be as we speak. So check back next month. Until then, I will try and keep you all amused with the funny things my little munchkins do.

Speaking of.......

I haven't heard them in a while....

That's my cue!


Becky said...

I'm in shock. I never win anything, Meredith!!!! And my house really does need to be cleaned. We have to show it approx. 4 times a week, and believe me it gets really dirty in between each showing! I promise I'll put them to good use!! Thanks so much!

Mommypotamus said...

Boo! I mean congrats Becky. Our house is on the market too and it IS hard to keep clean!

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