Thursday, March 18, 2010


Does your kiddo have a lovie?

Maybe he or she has two lovies.

When I was a kid I had a blanket that I ingeniously named "blankie." This would be the perfect time to introduce you to this tattered piece of cotton via picture, but all my sentimental items are packed away in storage - for now.

So I'll just paint you a mental picture.

It was a pastel patchwork blanket with a sewn on bunny holding a few flowers. It was nicely adorned with a several marker scribbles and a few nail polish droppings - proof of its survival through my toddler years.

My mom would never let me take my lovie anywhere but the car and on long trips, but it was a faithful friend - a friend that my parents use to say would probably make it into my marriage. It almost did - as I took it to college.

It was just so soft.

Which is probably why I endure through the rediculousness of lovies in this house.

Now Ellie Kate has a lovie. It is a purple blanket with green border and its already pretty tattered and torn, but she loves her blanket.

But Peyton, well thats another story.

When I go to get Peyton out her bed in the morning or from her afternoon nap, this is how the dialogue goes...

M - "Peyton, are you ready to get out of bed?"

P - "Ya!"

M - " Ok, let's go."

It is here that I pick her up and begin to take her out of her room, to which she ALWAYS says,

P- "blanket!"

So I hand her blanket number 1, which is followed by,

P- "Blanket!"

So I hand her blanket number 2, which is followed by,

P - "Blanket!"

So I hand her blanket number 3, which is followed by,

P - "Baby!"

To which I hand her her baby.

Phew, by this time I have had a good workout from all that up and down reaching into the crib.

Why do I do it? You might be asking yourself. Well, mostly because of this face right here...

Yes, I understand that the lovies are getting a little out of control at this house, but all four of these things really do bring her lots of comfort.

The picture I should have taken is of Peyton in her carseat with all her lovies. I have to yell her name from the front seat to make sure she is under all that stuff. Such a strange child - but she sure is something special to her mama.

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