Friday, January 15, 2010

A Double WHAT!!!!

Yesterday, I got some pretty awful news...

News that every mother dreads hearing.

News that makes you sick to your stomach.

News that makes you wish you could go back to the past week and stay quarantined to your house and ONLY your house.

News that, well, news that just plain stinks.

Yesterday, we received the news that sweet baby Stone has a double ear infection. Bummer.

For several days, he had been acting particularly cranky, which is very unlike my sweet-natured, relaxed third born. (Lord knows he is going to have to buck up to survive in this estrogen filled domain). But I chalked it up to constipation. I changed my diet, gave him gripe water, and even administered my first homemade enema. Now THAT was lovely (or anything but).

When he was still running a fever on day three, I knew it was time to see the pediatrician, something I haven't done in nearly two years.. Now don't get me wrong. I love doctors. We take our kids to a wellness doctor every six weeks, and hold off on the DOs until a serious problem occurrs.

So after some serious prayer time and a few recommendations from friends, I made an appointment with our new family doctor. Boy did God have his hand on that one.

As I sat with my exhausted, sleep-deprived, feverish, limp baby, I began to get a little hysterical. Ok, so maybe a lot hysterical. I just knew in my gut, sitting in the doctor's office, that my seven week old baby had something more than just everyday constipation. Of course my doctor walks in just at the peek of meltdown. He must have sensed a common spirit, because he came in and asked to pray over my baby. WHAT??!!! Umm, absolutely you may!

Isn't God good?

Anywho, so three sleepless nights, two days of fever, endless hours of fussiness, two trips to the chiropractor, and one trip to the doctor's office later, we finally have a established problem and a plan of attack. Hopefully, my sweet baby will be up and running in no time. And when I say up and running, I mean back to his eat, sleep, poop kind of ways - but hopefully all with a smile. (I know its mean, but I thought I would add a pic of our boy in the throws of a double ear infection. Such a trooper.)

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