Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Happy Birthday to YOU!

One year ago today, I was walking around the birth center, convinced you were never going to make your appearance. I worked long, hard hours with the hope to seeing and kissing your little face. I about broke your daddy's neck in the process, but at 2:40 in the afternoon, we finally got to hold you.

Over the past year, you have grown, little girl. Grown to be a sweet, cuddly mommy's girl who loves life and loves to sleep. You love to suck your fingers and loved it when we gave you solid
food. We could tell you were going to make friends easily and would love unconditional

With that sweet nature came a vivacious, strong willed, curly haired little monster. You love to scream, just to be heard and you will do anything to make your big sister laugh. You hold nothing back as you express your emotions and tell us exactly how you feel. Every family needs one of you, I like to say.

Today you are one year old, eating cake and sitting in a big girl high chair. I can't even believe it.

Although I find it hard to keep up with your exuberance for life and your strong personality, God has given us a gift in you, Peyton Layne. While you can be quite loud and persistent, I know God will use those inate qualities as you grow and mature into a godly young lady. You strength will allow you to never be afriad to stand up for what you believe in. God has given you a strong voice to be used to yell from the rooftops of the gift of God's love in a world full of chaos and confusion. Yet he has given you the gift of compassion and encouragement to lift the spirits of others while pointing them to Christ.

So keep that stuborness going. Scream at us all you want (just not at the dinner table). And continue giving us lots of hugs - God is preparing you for the future, baby girl. A future in which you will change this world for Christ.

Lord, begin preparing Peyton's heart for the day when she will accept you as the Lord of her life. May she use the talents and abilities you have given her in a way that will bring glory and honor to you. Amen.

Keep up the good work, Peyton Layne. And keep your eyes on Jesus.

Happy Birthday, my little one year old - Mommy loves you.


Memaw and Poppy said...

Ditto to our precious, cuddly granddaughter. I miss the days in Florida rocking you to sleep (when Mommy wasn't around!

Christy said...

You brought tears to my eyes. I know I'm going to blink & Coleman will be that big too. I can't believe she's one!

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