Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Bliss and Bossiness

This video began as I tried to capture the giggling sounds of my daughters. There is no more wonderful sound on earth (in my opinion), than that of my children laughing together. When I heard them cackling like never before, I knew I had to capture it on film.

Then, it turned into a video of bossiness. Once the cackling had ceased, and Peyton no longer enjoyed the splishing and splashing of her older sister, she tried to seek help from outside the bathtub (too bad I was around the corner trying to capture this once adorable moment without either of them knowing. ) Ellie Kate proceeded to do as she typically does - instruct her wayward sister of her naughtiness and correct such crude behavior immediately.

So enjoy the sweet sounds for just a few seconds, and then laugh at my daughter's strong nature, and say a little prayer for her teenage years!

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