Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Little Miss Independant

Kinda makes me want to break out into a Destiny Child's song and throw my hands up atchya, but I will save you the flashback to my 10th grade year - now onto the post...

So my two years going on thirty years first born is waking up with an extra skip in her step these days.

She hops out of her bed, sticks her chest out, and walks with a little extra gusto as she begins to take on the day.

"No mommy help," is a phrase I hear a lot these days. That and "Ellie Kate do it," or "I a big girl."

So what, that's it? No need for your mommy anymore? Forgotten are the 14 hours of excruciating labor, followed by three days of C-section recovery, 12 months of difficult breastfeeding, and yet mommy is right there - taking care of all your needs, and now you are saying you don't need me anymore? *insert excessive sobbing here*

Well, maybe not exactly. I mean, yeah, you might put your shoes on by yourself, but sometimes (or every time), mommy is right there to tell you that they would probably work better if you put them on the right foot.
And sure, you are a panty-wearer, potty-going, flush and wipe queen. And you insist on dressing yourself every morning, but until wearing your underwear on the outside of your pants is the new fad, mommy will be there to trick you into trying to go potty so I can quickly rearrange the order and put them on correctly. But don't you worry - You are still dressing yourself! I would never take that dignity away from you.
And you love to cook dinner for your beloved daddy, but mommy will always remind you that the oven is hot, and maybe you should go make daddy some yummy wooden chocolate chip cookies in your new play kitchen.
But its just not the same, Mom! This is the one that makes the REAL cookies!
So until that day, you know, that dreadful day that you leave for college, get married, and have babies of your own, I will be there to help guide you into your journey of independence. (And ever after that, I will always be a phone call away) Take it slow baby girl. It's breaking mommy's heart!


The Merrell's said...

Im so glad to hear that Im not the only one sobbing because Addie doesn't want my help anymore!

Mommypotamus said...

That panty thing had me laughing out loud!

Kinsey said...

Haha! Those pictures are hysterical.

I would love some more information about the MDO there. Could I e-mail him, or he e-mail me? I've heard back from Bethany First Church and they have one spot open right now for the next 2 months, that we think we are going to go ahead and take, cause Steven is going nuts. But if they have something available now, that could be great!

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