Sunday, February 22, 2009

I made it - just barely.

So, I just returned from our metro's largest consignment sale. And when I say large, its because I cannot think of any word that would describe its hugeness. Don't believe me? Here is the proof...

It opened at 11, and LUCKILY, I was at church and needed to run the girls home and put them in bed, before I made my way to what I thought would be a fun afternoon getaway. Little did I know, I would simply be thankful to return home with all of my limbs still in tact.

I am exaggerating in no way shape or form. I have never seen women be as caddy, impatient, and just plain mean, as I did today. Apparently, put a cute outfit and a cheap sale's ticket together, and all the restraint in the world can't stop the force of a bargain shopping woman.

I was thanking my lucky stars that I didn't have a newborn baby because the newborn-6month section was the craziest. It was packed full of pregnant women and THEIR MOMS! I thought these young mom's were crazy, but next to a soon-to-be grandma, they are sweet as pie.

Every time I went to pick up something, I felt three sets of eyes peering over my shoulder and silently saying, "Oh man, if she puts that down, its mine." There were a few times I was putting things in my bag, just so those crazy moms wouldn't snatch it off the rack the minute I put it down. I guess that makes me crazy too. At this realization, I had to get out of there.

While I did do some serious damage - 12 outfits, 2 bows, and a singing Barney - I did return home with money in my pocket, all my limbs still attached, and most important, my dignity, which is no small feat in the world of a consignment shopping mommy.


Mommypotamus said...

Wow, I saw a story about one of those sales last year and I wanted to go! Even though it sounds a little like the Wild West, I'm sorry I missed it.

neal said... are little crazy to even attempt it. Glad you made it out alive!

Beth said...

How funny!!! I would have loved to have been a fly on the wall!

Whitney said...

GIRL MY HOUSE IS NEVER THAT CLEAN! I was hosting a b-day party a few months ago, so I snapped a pic while it looked all nice and clean. HEHE. It's our little secret.

We can still be friends. :)

Memaw and Poppy said...

I am always a polite grandma at those sales...remember the breast pump incident at a similar sale in OKC- bring it on Rambo!

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