Friday, January 16, 2009

One sad mama.

Today I said goodbye to my sweet Ellie belly. It was quite possible one of the saddest days of my mothering years.

About a week ago, Mimi called to ask if she could come and get Ellie Kate for the weekend. Mimi and Papa (Ben's parents) live about 3 hours away and are always looking for an excuse to visit any grandchildren. She must have been dying because it has been almost three whole week since she had seen any. Quite a feet.

At first I was reluctant. I have only spent one night away from her in her almost two years of living, and I just wasn't sure I could handle the whole weekend. I mean, the milestones I might miss. She might say a new word, grow a new tooth, or maybe even learn Newton's Theory of Gravity. Yeah, a lot can happen in one weekend.

After further consideration, I decided to let her go. The reason is three fold. 1.) Mimi and Papa could use some tender loving care from their grand baby this weekend, 2.) It was Addie's (her cousin) birthday party this weekend and she would love seeing them, and 3.) it would give Ben and I time to spoil Peyton. Therefore, reluctantly and with a tear in my eye, I sent my kiddo to Mimi and Papas.

In her honor, I will devote my upcoming blogging to my firstborn. Mostly because I miss her like crazy, but also because she always makes life interesting. So put up with a sappy mom these next few days as I divulge into the life of Miss Ellie Kate.

Mommy loves you baby girl! COME HOME SOON!

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Beth said...

We got your card in the mail today. We would love to have you guys visit us when we get to the lower 48. We will be in OK the last week of May for Britt's wedding, if you can make it there that weekend. Also, I have some friends moving to Ft. Worth, and I need to get you connected. Love and miss you!

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